Does any of this sound like you?

Is there fear, lack of focus, or self-doubt that's stopping you from reaching your goals in your health, wealth, and relationships?

Does life get in the way every time you make an effort to do your dreams?

Do you know you have untapped potential inside, but you also have a habit of holding yourself back?

Do you have a habit of excitedly starting projects and then losing steam before you can get traction?

Does it resonate when I tell you that deep in your mindset you may have some hidden programming bugs that are causing you to sabotage your own best ideas… without even being aware you’re doing it?



with Thomas Edwards

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I'm taking a hard guess and say you don't carve out enough time to truly enjoy life – and it's costing you more than your happiness.

In a culture that over-romanticizes productivity as the key to success, hopefully opening the door to happiness, the idea of "doing something for fun" probably holds little value to you.

But this culture has led to Americans being the unhappiest they have been in over 50 years.

Are you feeling unhappy?

It's hard not to see why – a global pandemic has fueled isolation, sadness, division, and uncertainty.

People are quitting their jobs and many of them would rather do NOTHING than do something that doesn't make them happy.

Anxiety, depression, substance abuse, stress, burnout, and risk of premature death are being reported at record numbers.

You've come to a crossroads where you can either continue the old way of living that hasn't worked or create a new way that leads to greater happiness and fulfillment without sacrificing success.

The biggest challenge: Opening yourself to the concept of playfulness being the gateway to your greatest happiness + success.



My mission is to empower you to access your fullest potential by teaching you how to have fun while improving all areas of your life.

PLAY:30 is your introduction to playfulness as an elite form of mindfulness that encourages you to have as much fun as possible over the course of 30 days – and beyond.

Take a moment and think of what you would be capable of with more positive energy, willpower, and a developed growth mindset.

Science + research have proven that playfulness boosts physical + mental performance, enhances emotional wellness, reduces stress, and stimulates growth in every aspect of your life – career, relationships, money, and health.

During PLAY:30, you’ll work through experiences that revolve around the 4 Worlds of Fulfillment to experience a clearer path toward a happier and meaningful life:

World 01


World 02


World 03


World 04


Step 05

Price Your Course for Maximum Profit and Impact

Step 06

Schedule Your Successful Course Launch

Step 07

Decide What You’ll Start (Or Stop) Doing In Your Biz

Step 08

Celebrate! You did it!

Let's play for 30 days and

learn to win the game of life

I will be guiding you throughout the experience and making sure you have all the tools, resources, and support you need to have as much fun + growth as possible.

Each week, I will release a series of short videos that explains each day's topic and a clear action for you to take. The best part? It only requires 1% of your day – just 15 minutes. You'll also be able to track your progress using our Points Tracker.

PLAY:30 is available for you anytime and if you happen to miss a day, you'll always have access to catch up.

Each week, I'll have a live stream chat to celebrate, discuss results, share experiences, give feedback, and support you.


You'll Get Access To:

  • A 30-Day plan to take you from totally stressed and overwhelmed to calm, clear, and successful!

  • Live weekly trainings / Q+A on the 12 Streams of Life every person needs to make in order to be truly happy + successful

  • Your very own digital activity tracker + assignments for each training designed to help you create momentum and clarity on exactly how to bring happiness to your life

  • Private community and accountability from a network of like-minded people — so you can support and be supported by others

  • Challenges, prizes, contests, giveaways, and plenty of fun surprises along the way

And then what?

At the end of the 30 days, your results will be measured not only through the tracker but also a custom fulfillment assessment score.

After all is said and done, you’ll have the confidence, clarity, community, and a step-by-step plan that’ll help you leave stress and burnout in the dust…

… so you can move forward through life with ease toward those goals you really want to accomplish.

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About Your Coach, Thomas Edwards, Jr.

Thomas Edwards Jr. is the creator + author of The 1up Effect, a playfulness coach, and innovative visionary of maximizing fulfillment in life. Using his unique, game-like methodology for high-level transformation, Edwards works with professionals, leaders, and businesses who seek to level up their purpose, joy, passion, and achievement.

A former professional wingman, Thomas Edwards Jr. has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including Men's Health, the Wall Street Journal, GQ, Entrepreneur, the New York Times, as well as MTV, ABC, and the Steve Harvey Show. When he's not collecting watches, swimming laps in the pool, going on date nights with his wife, or being a proud #girldad to his 4-year old daughter, you can find him playing some of his favorite video games at home in Carlsbad, California.

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