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No matter where you are in your life, there is always an opportunity to “level up.”

The problem is many try to go it alone, wasting time, energy, money, and other valuable resources that would be better used ENJOYING the experience instead of suffering through it.

I am available to connect with those ready to create change in their lives and are in a great position to receive support.

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This is NOT a Discovery Session. Get the results you want in ONE Session.

Clarity on what's stopping you from the life you want

Integrity so you can someone who does what they say

Someone to challenge and push you beyond your capabilities

A partner so you don't have to face battles alone anymore

"You were the first coach I ever hired and it made such a big impact in my life- I saw the value and doubled down and am growing so much."

-Ajay Kori, Co-founder, UrbanStems

what others have said about working with Thomas

Howie struggled to find happiness until now...

"I always thought having a coach was just a waste of money but after a friend recommended it for my business I gave it a shot and WOW even just the discovery call gave me actionable advice that helped me see immediate results!"

• Jane Smith | Brooklyn

About Coach Thomas

Thomas Edwards is an innovative visionary in maximizing fulfillment in life. He's always taken a fun, game-like approach to everything. Author of the upcoming book, The 1up Effect, he's worked with professionals, athletes, executives, leaders, and businesses wanting to level up their purpose, joy, passion, and achievement.

He's a former professional wingman and has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including features in Men's Health, the Wall Street Journal, GQ, Entrepreneur, the New York Times, on MTV, ABC, and the Steve Harvey Show, among others. When he's not competing in Tekken 7 tournaments, swimming laps in the pool, or being a #girldad to his 4-year old daughter, you can find Thomas with a controller in his hand, playing some of his favorite games.

If you're ready to win the game of life on your terms...