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You don’t need to sacrifice success, happiness, or burn yourself out — both can co-exist. If this weren't the case, there wouldn’t be industry leading entrepreneurs, executives, and companies wanting to adopt this methodology in their global workplace.

“Thomas helped me embrace who I am and how to work with myself to evolve and create more success. As someone who can be very self-critical, he helped me reframe negative talk in my head. What he aims for is a fundamental foundation for personal and professional growth. This can benefit anyone in and outside of work because he speaks to the core of who we really are in the pursuit of a work-life balance that doesn't really exist. The experience felt customized, was engaging, and overall amazing! I would highly recommend this to anyone."

- Melinda C., Manager, Google LLC

The 1up Effect simplifies life synergy

To do this, I had to reimagine the program of “work-life balance,” which actually doesn’t exist.

I Help Unfulfilled high-performing Professionals who have families . . .

Whether you are successful or not, there is a part of you that doesn't feel happy or fully satisfied. In fact, you feel stressed, burned out, and empty in other parts of your life. This is the result of living life based on what you think will make you happy. The problem is it's hard to change your circumstances because this is all you have known your entire life. Now, you struggle keeping up with the responsibilities of daily life – health, marriage, parenting, friends, and even your personal happiness.

. . . Become Successful, Happy, and free

in Health, wealth, self, and Family.

The desire to become happier isn’t something that should be played inside of the boundaries of external gratifications. That is an endless cycle that leads to burnout and leaves you very disappointed. I believe becoming happier can be experienced as your improve ALL areas of your life. But like your career, you need the discipline, structure, metrics, and progress to make that happen in the rest of your life.

Howie came in on rocky ground in his marriage.

"It was much more about this idea of building up capacity and integrity and honesty with myself, so that I can then in turn, bring that back into my marriage and all of my relationships where I am, just a lot more honest and solid, and who I am."

His marriage got better, his relationship with his kids got better, his business grew more, and he finds time to enjoy skateboarding and juggling.


What makes The 1up Effect different? We stand out from the pack with these three unique traits.



Life can be unfulfilling when you're not having fun. Everything we do is designed for you to integrate the art of playfulness into your personal transformation. If we can’t find a way to make it fun, we’re not doing it. We’ve been able to find ways to have even the most challenging situations become easeful and enjoyable, opening up a world of possibilities for your growth.


While we created a daily “game” that will produce immediate results in various areas of your life, we’re dedicated to long-term change that affects every single aspect of your existence. It makes no sense to us to learn something in one area of your life without considering the possibility of applying it to other areas. We give up short-term bandaids and gratification for long-term sustainable transformation.



Tracking is vital for transformation. You can’t know where to go if you don’t know where you are. You don’t need to go all-out, eventually burning out, only to repeat the cycle again. You can choose to be 1% better each day only using 1% of your time and create more transformation than someone trying to be 100% better. Oftentimes, it takes that 1% change to create massive results with less energy and time than you think.

Sam came in looking for advice about dating, after living back at home with his parents and a business that didn't really go well.

"I think one of the best parts about it was just connecting with fellow like-minded individuals, who are really pushing to become better versions of themselves. And having that vehicle to really work with Thomas, to get his, mindset, framework on tracking goals, and working through blocks."

He not only found his girlfriend, he hit six figures in his business, and has time to enjoy dance lessons.

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