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The Marriage Wingman™ helps burnt out dads save their marriage so they can enjoy the balance between career, family, and life, using The 1up Effect methodology, "gamifying their marriage" for greater connection, trust, and intimacy.

The Professional Wingman® has helped nearly 400 singles get engaged and married over 14+ years. With its flagship program, Fearless Dating, it breaks down dating into 8 simple steps toward finding a long-term relationship.

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Learn to gamify your life and become your best self.

In The 1up Effect, Thomas shares his story of how reaching peak success early in his career led him down a dark path to his greatest discovery. Inspired by his love of video games, he breaks down how using playfulness as an elite form of mindfulness can allow you to gamify and level up ANY area of life, from your friendships and mental wellness to your marriage and spirituality.

Learn how to make your life a game you can win and have fun playing today!

Thomas Edwards Jr. is an innovative visionary of maximizing fulfillment in life. Using his unique, game-like methodology for high-level transformation, Edwards helps busy, ambitious professionals harness the power of play to create more success and fulfillment toward a more meaningful life. He is the Founder of The Professional Wingman, which helps singles find long-term relationships with attractive, compatible partners. His also Founder of The Marriage Wingman, which helps burnt out dads save their marriage and keep their families together so they can enjoy the balance between career, family, and life.

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